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Easy Rest Bed Reviews Collected By Leading Independent Web Based Consumer News and Review Site for Adjustable Bed Company

ConsumerAffairs.com, the leading independent web based consumer news and review site in the United States, has collected more than 1,700 Easy Rest Bed reviews by verified purchasers of Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep System.

The trend of consumers ignoring traditional advertising continues to grow in the United States.  Today’s consumers are putting more weight into online reviews by verified customers to help them make a purchasing decision.  A 2013 study by Bright Local published on Search Engine Land found that 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.  Executives behind the Easy Rest Adjustable Bed brand recognized the trend early on and partnered with ConsumerAffairs.com, the leading independent web based consumer news and review site in the United States, to conduct independent Easy Rest Bed reviews from verified purchasers of the product.

“We think it’s important for consumers to know about our customer’s experiences with our company,” stated Mo Maghari, National Sales Manager for Easy Rest.  “Our number one focus is customer service and we strive to make every consumer happy with our company, our people and our product.”

Executives of the Easy Rest Adjustable Bed Brand use the Easy Rest bed reviews as a way of monitoring every aspect of their operation.  Every review is read and responded to by a member of their customer service team.  Positive reviews are shared with the appropriate departments and negative reviews are sent directly to supervisors to deal with any issues included in the review.

“The customer service team at Easy Rest has embraced our mission to connect with customers,” said Zac Carman, CEO for ConsumerAffairs.com. “The reviews on our site not only educate consumers, they also help the company to continually improve their business operations. The amount of effort put forth by the Easy Rest team is inspiring and demonstrates their commitment to customers.”

“This trend of consumers looking for online reviews is not going to go away and companies that don’t have anything to hide should welcome it,” said Maghari.  “We think it’s a good way for consumers to feel comfortable with our company and to learn about how our product helps real people every day.”

Customers such as this one from Charleston, South Carolina who shared this Easy Rest Bed review with a staffer from ConsumerAffairs.com:

“I absolutely love my Easy Rest bed. I don’t think I have ever enjoyed anything as much as I’ve enjoyed getting that bed. I have been sleeping in a recliner for about eight years, so having a bed is amazing for me, and I can actually sleep because I can’t lie down. I don’t breathe well lying down so I have to sleep in that semi-erect position and it’s wonderful. I sleep so much better now.”

Or this customer from Jackson Heights, New York who shared her experience with Easy Rest Adjustable Beds:

“I really appreciate being able to raise my legs because I have a tendency to get swollen ankles and also to raise my head because I have a postnasal drip. It really helps tremendously. The representative was extremely nice and knowledgeable, too. It was a very pleasant exchange and he was very helpful.”

Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep System sends a file of all new customers to ConsumerAffairs.com every month to be called and interviewed about their experience with the company.  ConsumerAffairs.com then posts those reviews on their website.

About Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep System

Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep System is a leading national retailer of adjustable beds whose founders have more than 100 years experience in the adjustable bed business. Since 2007 the company has offered a modern line of high-quality, U.S.-made, electric, adjustable beds and adjustable mattresses to fit every health and comfort requirement, budget or lifestyle.  To learn more about Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep System, including the health and comfort benefits of its full range of quality beds and mattresses as well as bed sizes, options and features, please visit www.easyrest.com or call 1-800-217-5206 today.

About ConsumerAffairs.com

ConsumerAffairs.com is a consumer news and advocacy organization founded in 1998 by veteran D.C. journalist James R. Hood. The website has educated more than 150 million consumers and has one of the largest databases of user-generated reviews about businesses in the world. Readers can find Easy Rest reviews on the ConsumerAffairs website at http://www.consumeraffairs.com/furniture/contour-adjustable-beds.html.