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Easy Rest

Best Mattress for Overweight People

An Easy Rest Adjustable Bed helps everyone achieve the best sleep possible, but it’s particularly helpful for overweight or obese individuals. If you experience aches and pains due to carrying excess weight on your body, you may find temporary relief by sleeping in an Easy Rest Bed.

  • With the touch of a button, adjust the bed to find the most comfortable position to relieve neck, back or leg pains.
  • Effortlessly elevate the foot of the bed to reduce swelling in the legs and restore blood circulation.
  • Relieve symptoms of nighttime heartburn, hiatus hernia and gastric reflux by sleeping with the head elevated. As a bonus, sleeping with your head elevated may also reduce occasional snoring.
  • Eliminate all those extra pillows you currently use to prop yourself up and finally sleep comfortably with just one pillow.

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Do you find it difficult to roll over, sit up or lie down easily because of your weight? An Easy Rest adjustable base and mattress are ideal for overweight people because it also makes getting out of bed much easier. When lying down, simply raise the head of the bed to its full height and swing your legs over the side for an easy exit. Reverse the process for getting into bed and you’re ready for the restful and rejuvenating sleep that only an Easy Rest Bed can provide!