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Easy Rest Adjustable Beds Unveils Pinterest Page

Easy Rest, one of the leading sellers of adjustable beds in the United States, now has a variety of Boards available for “Pinners” to enjoy. The company is featuring boards titled: Bedroom Inspirations; Sleep Center; Heartburn Free Recipes; Sleepwear We Love; American Pride as well as 9 other Boards for the Pinterest page launch.

Baltimore, MD — September 12, 2012

Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep Systems, a leading seller of adjustable beds in the United States, announces the launch of their Pinterest Page. Easy Rest can be found on Pinterest by clicking here.

Pinterest is a social networking website that lets users organize and share images, videos and links of the things that they find interesting on the web onto virtual bulletin boards. Gone are the days when people ripped recipes, articles, photo’s and stories out of countless magazines, newspapers and newsletters and stuffed them into a box that never managed to get organized. Today when a Pinterest user comes across something on the Internet that they want to save, they simply capture the image and place it onto a board on their user page with one click of the mouse. At any time a user can click on the image and go straight back to the web page with the content that they wanted to save.

Each user account is organized by multiple boards, which help users organize their images by category. Users can choose to create their own boards that highlight the interests and topics that matter to them most. Pinterest users can browse each other’s boards in order to get inspiration, discover new things and increase their following.

Pinterest has grown from roughly 1 million users in July 2011 to more than 20 million today and is the third-largest social-networking site in the world, following Facebook and Twitter. Nearly 70 percent of its account holders are women, and users have been found to spend more time on Pinterest that any of the other social sites.

Currently, Easy Rest has 14 Boards with a total of 185 pins. Easy Rest’s Boards focus on Bedroom Decorating, Sleep tips and information and Company Products. The Company also features Boards that appeal to a broader base of Pinterest users such as movies, televisions shows, books and recipes. New Boards and Pins are added weekly. To follow Easy Rest on Pinterest simply visit our pinterest page.