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Easy Rest

Easy Rest Adjustable Bed Provides Temporary Relief From Arthritis and Joint Pain

Sleep can be a natural pain reliever. But for sufferers of arthritis, mattresses are often a source of discomfort rather than rest.

  • Do you suffer from pain, fatigue or inflammation caused by arthritis?
  • Are you seeking natural remedies for arthritis treatment, hoping to avoid the negative side effects of prescription drugs and reliance on over-the-counter pain medication?

An Easy Rest Adjustable Bed with optional heat feature may provide temporary relief from mild arthritis and joint pain.

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A recent article in Arthritis Today reported that more than 30% of respondents to a study said they had difficulty sleeping because of their arthritis and were more likely to seek additional treatments to find pain relief. Yet many people in the study didn’t make the connection between their sleep problems and arthritis pain.

  • Rest and the application of heat may provide all the pain relief that occasional arthritis sufferers need.
  • Warming body tissues with heat can ease your arthritis pain by increasing blood flow to affected areas. This can help decrease inflammation, relax tight muscles, and eliminate waste products such as lactic acid, which causes stiffness and soreness.
  • An adjustable bed that allows you to change positions easily and frequently, combined with restorative heat applications, can minimize or eliminate pain associated with arthritis.

Beds are not all created equally. A good night’s sleep and relief from arthritis pain can be achieved by sleeping in an adjustable Easy Rest Bed with optional heat feature. You’ll wake each morning refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to enjoy a brand new day!