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Easy Rest

Return Policy

We do not accept returns on Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep Systems, we stand by their quality and warranty. All sales are final and cannot be returned for any reason.

Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep Systems are not sold on an in-home trial basis. We are honest and upfront about our policy and state it in large type on our contract. We are very transparent about our no-return policy. Most of the largest bedding retailers in the industry also have a no-return policy on adjustable beds.  Here are examples of some of them:

Many bedding companies advertise 30, 60, 90 and even 120 day “comfort guarantees,” “trial periods,” or other similar sounding names in their advertising.   Many consumers assume that they can buy a bed and simply return it without any issue or cost.  However, in many instances to return a product carries a cost to the consumer.

For example, Craftmatic Adjustable Beds offers a 30-day trial to consumers. But requires the consumer to call the company between day 31 and day 45 after delivery to get a return authorization number.  The consumer then has 14 days to return the product. To return the product the consumer can find and pay for its own trucking company to come pick up the bed, pack it and ship it back to the company at the consumer’s cost.  Or, Craftmatic will arrange for a shipping partner to pack up and remove the bed for a cost of $488 for one bed or $688 for a dual system.

We DO NOT provide an in-home trial because of health and sanitation issues and laws.  Any bed left in a consumer’s home, even if slept in for only one night, is considered to be used.  If we were to take back a bed it would have to be stripped to the bare frame and the mattress disposed of for sanitation issues.  The base would then have to be rebuilt and a new mattress supplied.  Once that is completed it can only be sold as a reconditioned bed and sold at a great discount because there is little market for used beds.  We do not want to be in the business of selling reconditioned beds so we do not offer in-home trials and have a no-return policy.