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When waking after a quality night’s sleep, the birds seem to chirp louder, the sun seems to shine brighter, and the new day stretches out before you, filled with endless possibilities. But after a poor night’s sleep, everything appears duller and grayer, and the day ahead seems endless. That effect is compounded exponentially when you toss and turn night after night, yearning for just a few hours of sound sleep. Unfortunately, a good night’s sleep is an elusive thing for many people.

Easy Rest is an adjustable bed manufacturer striving to create the best mattress on the market to help consumers get a good night’s sleep easily and consistently. We constantly test and implement new technologies and production methods, allowing us to offer the highest quality product for our customers. Our goal is not only to help you achieve a good night’s sleep each and every night, but also to create a bed that will rejuvenate your body and soul.

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The Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep System offers a modern, upgraded, state-of-the-art line of electric adjustable beds. Our nationwide network of distributors is comprised of industry experts with more than 100 combined years of experience manufacturing and selling adjustable beds. They have sold more than 660,000 beds over the last 25 years. Our complete line of adjustable beds is available nationwide, with service technicians on call in the 48 contiguous states to handle any service needs.

We have made a conscious decision to resist the opportunity to ship our production and assembly work to factories overseas. While that may hurt our profit margins, we believe strongly in keeping manufacturing jobs on American soil. We are very proud to say that we are an adjustable bed manufacturer whose beds are made and assembled in the U.S.A., providing jobs to hundreds of hard working Americans.

We are confident that your search for consistent, restful sleep ends here. We look forward to counting you as a member of Easy Rest’s family of customers, who enjoy each new day to the fullest as a result of rejuvenating sleep in their Easy Rest Bed.