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Pregnancy & Bed Rest

Bed rest is a common practice during pregnancy to alleviate certain pregnancy complications.

The prospect of bed rest may sound like a welcome reprieve from your busy life at first, but lengthy bed rest can leave you feeling physically uncomfortable, isolated, frustrated, and bored.  In this section you’ll learn some ways to make you more comfortable in bed, tips for lowering the stress that can come with lengthy bed rest and ways to make the time productive and rewarding.


Easy-to-do Computer Projects While on Bed Rest

You’ve been put on bed rest for a few weeks or months and boredom has quickly set in. You’re tired of watching television and you don’t feel like reading another book. What else can you do?  Here are five computer projects that you can easily accomplish from your bed.

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Pregnancy and Bed Rest Productivity Ideas

You’ve been put on bed rest for a few weeks or months.  That doesn’t mean you can’t be productive and prepare yourself for baby’s arrival. Listed below are five things you can do now to make life easier after you give birth.

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