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Easy-to-do Computer Projects While on Bed Rest

You’ve been put on bed rest for a few weeks or months and boredom has quickly set in. You’re tired of watching television and you don’t feel like reading another book. What else can you do?  Here are five computer projects that you can easily accomplish from your bed.

  1. Organize Your Digital Photos. If you’re like most American’s you take tons of digital pictures. Go through your photos and organize them by year and event.  Delete pictures that are blurry, overly dark or light, duplicates or just plain bad.  Many photo programs will allow you tag or rate your pictures to make searching for them at a later date easier.  Once you’ve finished this project you’ll have made room for the thousands of pictures you’ll be taking of your new baby.
  2. Move Your Favorite Recipe’s Online. Do you have hundreds of recipes ripped from magazines or handwritten onto index cards that you’re worried will get lost? Take this time to organize them online.  You can do it simply by creating word a document for each recipe.   Organize them by creating specific recipe folders.  Further organize them into various sub-folders for different food categories.   You can also use a recipe software program such as BigOven or Master Cook.  These programs come with recipes included and also allow you to add your own recipes to the program. Finish this project now and you’ll thank yourself once baby arrives.
  3. Clean Up Your Address Book. Still using an old fashioned rolodex?  This is the perfect time to move everyone online.  Already using an electronic contact list?  Take the time now to update your contacts.  Look at each one and update addresses.   Add information including birthdays and anniversaries.  Make sure each listing is properly categorized so that Mark the Plumber shows up in your business list rather than your personal one.
  4. Review Your Music Files. Computers have limited space and music files take up a lot of memory. Go through your music library and delete songs or artists you don’t listen to or enjoy anymore.  Once you’ve decided what you’re keeping create some playlists for after baby arrives.  You might want to create a soothing playlist for labor, an upbeat one for exercising off the baby weight and a romantic one for after baby goes to bed.
  5. De-Clutter Your Inbox. This is a great time to go into your inbox and purge!  Sort your messages by sender and then go on a deleting spree!  Start by deleting every e-newsletter and update from grocery, retail and online stores.  Purge emails from travel providers, living social, groupon and other online sites. That should instantly get rid of half of the items in your inbox.  Then, go through your personal emails and eliminate old and unimportant correspondences.  Create mailboxes for emails that you want to save and move them out of your inbox into those new mailboxes.  Once you’ve finished be sure to empty your junk and deleted items folders.

Of course all of these tasks would be easier to do in an Easy Rest adjustable bed.  With our bed you’ll be able to adjust the head and foot of the bed to just the right position to make it easier to work on your laptop, read or write in bed.  With the push of a button you can adjust the bed to relieve pressure on sore areas of your body or elevate your feet to help reduce swelling in your legs.  You won’t have to worry about continually propping yourself up on pillows that won’t stay in place and you’ll be able to find the perfect position that may provide temporarily relieve from symptoms of acid reflux often associated with pregnancy.

After your baby is born you’ll be surprised to find out how often an Easy Rest adjustable bed makes life better.  Feeding infants, reading bedtime stories and watching movies as a family is easy and enjoyable. Recuperating from everyday illnesses or unexpected surgeries in our adjustable bed makes healing more comfortable.  The stress of everyday parenting and minor aches and pains from muscle fatigue or overexertion may temporarily be relieved with our bed and the relaxing massage feature.

Easy Rest Adjustable Beds grow with you throughout your lifetime and they are the perfect bed for every age and every stage of life.  To find out more about our line of adjustable beds simply fill out this form and we’ll send you more information.