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Resource Center — Pregnancy & Bed Rest

Pregnancy and Bed Rest Productivity Ideas

You’ve been put on bed rest for a few weeks or months.  That doesn’t mean you can’t be productive and prepare yourself for baby’s arrival. Listed below are five things you can do now to make life easier after you give birth.

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  1. Plan and Stock the Nursery. Just because you’re stuck in bed doesn’t mean you can’t shop ‘till you drop!  It’s easier than ever to have everything you need delivered to your door.  Take the time to stock up now on baby essentials like diapers, wipes and baby shampoo.  Many online drugstores offer free shipping or local home delivery.  Shop online websites like Target, Amazon, Pottery Barn Kids and Baby’s ‘R’ Us for baby furniture, crib bedding and other decorative items for your baby’s room.  Ask friends or family for help painting the room and you’ll be all set once baby arrives.
  2. Line up the Professionals. Is this your first baby?  Take the time now to research pediatricians and child care providers.  Ask friends and neighbors for recommendations or search reviews online.  Study their websites and create a list of questions to ask potential providers so you’ll be prepared when you’re able to interview them.
  3. Narrow Down Potential Baby Names. Spend some time now researching baby names and their meanings. Be sure to consider the various nicknames that can be created from the given name – for better or worse.  Say the name out loud to see how it sounds and how you feel when you hear it.  Write the name down together with your last name.  How does it look?  Narrow your choices down to two or three for each sex and when your beautiful bundle of joy arrives you’ll be ready to say introduce baby to the world by name.
  4. Prepare the Baby’s Birth Announcements Create the mailing labels in advance on your computer or by hand.  Shop online and narrow down your choices to one for a girl and one for a boy and bookmark them on your computer.  When the time comes you’ll just have to fill in baby’s information and hit the order button.
  5. Plan for the Future. Designate a guardian for your child and have your lawyer draft a new will.  You’ll have peace of mind that your baby will be well taken care of by someone you trust should the need ever arise.

Of course all of these tasks would be easier to do in an Easy Rest adjustable bed.  With our bed you’ll be able to adjust the head and foot of the bed to just the right position to make it easier to work on your laptop, read or write in bed. With the push of a button you can adjust the bed to relieve pressure on sore areas of your body or elevate your feet which may provide temporary reduction to swelling of your legs.  You won’t have to worry about continually propping yourself up on pillows that won’t stay in place and you’ll be able to find the perfect position which may provide temporary relief of the symptoms of acid reflux that is often associated with pregnancy.

After your baby is born an Easy Rest Adjustable Bed will quickly become your family bonding center.  Feeding your baby is easy and relaxing in our bed.  As your child grows you’ll find that reading bedtime stories in your adjustable bed is much easier and more relaxing when your body is fully supported. And donning your pajamas and snuggling in bed for family movie nights will become a cherished family tradition.

Easy Rest Adjustable Beds grow with you throughout your lifetime and they are the perfect bed for every age and every stage of life.  To find out more about our line of adjustable beds simply fill out the form and we’ll send you more information.