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How Our Beds Work

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bed-graphicEasy Rest electrical beds are simple to operate. All of our automatic beds are controlled with a hand-held remote that is the size and shape of a typical television remote control. Each Easy Rest adjustable bed model has a unique remote that controls the adjustability and massage features of that bed.

Our beds have two components: the base and the mattress. The base provides all of the adjustability and massage features, while the mattress provides the support and comfort features.

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Raising and Lowering the Head and Foot

  • The base of the bed is divided into thirds. The top and bottom thirds of the base raise and lower independently. Our top-of-the-line models have our exclusive Whisper Power™ lift motors on the underside to provide the power and lift action. Whisper Power™ motors come with a limited lifetime guarantee.
  • To raise or lower a section of the bed, simply press the head or foot button on your remote control and release it when you have reached your desired position.
  • To return the bed to a flat position you can repeat the process, holding the button until the head or foot portion returns to its flat position.
  • Some bed models have a special button on the remote control marked “flat,” which returns the head and foot to the flat position simultaneously with one tap of the button.

Adjusting the Bed Using the Memory Features

  • Our most popular bed models have buttons on the remote control that allow you to save up to four of your favorite positions in the unit’s memory. The number of memory positions depends on the bed model. After the button has been programed, you simply push the memory button and the bed will adjust to your favorite position.
  • Our professional delivery personnel will teach you how to program the memory functions when they deliver your bed. They’ll also leave you with written instructions on programming the remote so you can change the positions later if you find new ones you enjoy more.

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Using the Therapeutic Massage Features

  • If you choose a bed with our therapeutic massage feature, depending on the bed model purchased, you will find one or two massage motors on the underside of the base. The main massage motor is located in the perfect position to massage your back. If you purchased a model that has two massage motors, the other motor is mounted near the foot of the bed for relaxing leg massage.
  • To turn on your therapeutic massage feature, simply push the button marked “massage” on your remote. You can turn on each motor separately to focus on one area, or you can operate them together for a full body massage.
  • The remote also allows you to control the intensity of the massage vibrations.
  • Some bed models include the massage wave feature. Pushing this button continually changes the intensity of the therapeutic massage from soft to hard in a pre-determined pattern.