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Chief Petty Officer Alexander Semmler, Florida

Special Operations Veteran Receives Gift of Sleep And Improved Quality Of Life Thanks To Adjustable Bed Donation.

“I used to wake up exhausted and in pain but not anymore and that makes a huge difference to my day. Easy Rest has made my quality of life better.”

Chief Petty Officer Alexander Semmler hasn’t had a good night’s sleep in years and he longed for a night that he could put his head on his pillow and not wake up until morning. Thanks to a donation of a free adjustable bed from Easy Rest’s Beds For Our Troops program, that’s exactly what he’s getting now.

CPO Semmler spent 24 years in special operations in the Navy as a diver, explosives expert and sniper. During the invasion of Iraq in 2003 he was driving a truck full of explosives when part of a bridge collapsed and his truck slammed down the ravine. His injuries were exacerbated by the weight of his helmet and body armor. The abuse his body took that day has left him with years of chronic neck and back pain and numbness in his limbs.

“I was in constant chronic pain from my neck and spine injuries. The doctors gave me lots of medicine to numb me but the longest I could sleep was about two hours. I would wake and have to try to reposition myself to alleviate the pain and try to fall back asleep,” he stated. “People don’t realize how important a good nights sleep is until you can’t sleep. I hadn’t had a good solid night’s sleep in years and I would have given up just about anything to get one.”

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CPO Semmler received his new bed four weeks ago and he couldn’t be more thrilled with how his life has changed because of his new adjustable bed. “I absolutely love it. I can sleep! The bed supports my neck and back and man, it’s nice to get a full night’s sleep,” he declared. “In the past it was so hard to find sleep. I sometimes slept on the floor or the couch out of desperation. Now I’m sleeping in this great bed for a full eight hours and the last few weeks I’ve even needed my alarm clock to wake me up,” he exclaimed.

“I’m feeling better, more rested and not stiff and sore when I wake up. I love the massage feature. It relaxes me and I can sleep. I used to wake up exhausted and in pain but not anymore and that makes a huge difference to my day. Easy Rest has made my quality of life better. I look forward to going to bed now because I know I’m going to wake up feeling good, when before I dreaded going to bed because of the pain and sleep issues I had.

“I’ve been singing your praises to everyone. Thank you for everything you are doing for wounded warriors. It really means a lot to us,” he concluded.

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CPO Semmler lives in Panama City Beach, Florida with his wife. They have an active Christian ministry and are board members for the Children’s Home Society, a state agency that helps children with troubled home lives.