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Adjustable Bed Employees Support Feeding Children Everywhere Program

Easy Rest Employees Help Assemble Hundreds of Meals for Hungry South Florida Children

On August 26, 2012 members of Easy Rest’s Florida Office participated in a special meal packing event with the nonprofit charity Feeding Children Everywhere, a social charity that empowers and mobilizes people to assemble healthy meals for hungry children. “I was driving in my car and heard the radio announcer talking about this charity and the need they had for people to come out and help pack meals for hungry children in South Florida,” said Easy Rest distributor Robin Newman. “It sounded to me like a wonderful way to get involved and give back to the local community.”

Robin went into the office and encouraged others to join her at the event and received an enthusiastic response. Two weeks later, a team of Easy Rest employees joined hundreds of other volunteers to make thousands of meals for hungry children in the area.

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“We were very impressed by the organization and efficiency of the meal assembly program,” said Robin. “We were very tired after having worked so long in the heat but we felt very good about what we had accomplished at the end of the day.”

For every one dollar received, Feeding Children Everywhere’s Love Local program packages and delivers four healthy meals to hungry children in local schools. The children take the meals home to their families to be cooked. The meal is simple, healthy and delicious. The main components are lentils, rice, a blend of six dehydrated vegetables and pink Himalayan salt. These ingredients represent an easily digestible source of protein, necessary carbohydrates, vitamins such as Vitamin A, B6, C, D, E, Folic Acid, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Zinc and over 84 trace minerals plus amino acids. The meal is scientifically formulated to help combat the effects of hunger on the human body. All that is necessary to cook the meal is adding boiling water.

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