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Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep System Reviews for Low Back Pain

Are you looking for back pain relief? You’re not alone. Lower back pain is one of the most common search terms on Google today. That’s because eight out of every ten American’s will experience low back pain at some point in their life. And for many of them it is a recurrent problem.

Low back pain can occur from a variety of factors: medical problems, accidents, injuries, overuse or muscle strain, to name a few. One unexpected explanation is often from the very thing you are using to recuperate from your low back pain symptoms – your bed.

Do you wake up with back pain in the morning? The culprit could be your mattress. According to the Better Sleep Council, the “shelf life” of a mattress depends on several factors such as usage, quality and even your own changing comfort and support preferences. In general, a mattress set that has been in use for five to seven years may no longer provide proper comfort and support, and should be evaluated.

Easy Rest’s line of adjustable beds may be just the thing you are looking for if you are searching for lower back pain relief. An Easy Rest bed may provide temporary relief of low back pain as well as minor aches and pains due to muscular fatigue or overexertion. But don’t take our word for it – take the word of actual customers instead.

Every month independent reviewers from Consumeraffairs.com, a leading American consumer advocacy website, call our customers to ask them about their experience with our product. Many of them tell us about how their back pain issues have been affected after sleeping on an Easy Rest adjustable bed.

Customers such as Caroline W. from Oklahoma who reported:

“I had back problems, and my husband figured that the Easy Rest might help. And I did notice changes the first night I used it. For the first time in several years, I got right up out of bed. I did not have to sit on the side and wait until the aches got out of my back before I could stand up. And when I did stand up, I didn’t hunch over like before. I walked out of my bedroom without any problems.”

Mary Sharon from Alabama says she wouldn’t trade her Easy Rest adjustable bed for anything:

“I’ve had a back problem for the last 15 years and a lot of trouble at night because I couldn’t find a comfortable position. I thought that if I could have something under my knees and have my back not flat, that might help me sleep beautifully. I haven’t had any back pain since I have gotten the Easy Rest bed and sleep with my knees up. That’s just miraculous because I felt that pain constantly. It’s been wonderful in that bed. The way it’s built is comfortable. My old one can’t compare to it, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

Lena W.’s family noticed a great change in their Mother after she purchased an Easy Rest adjustable bed:

“For my body to feel how I’m feeling without these (back pain) complaints is a blessing in disguise. My family’s like “Mom, look how you‘re walking” because you would have to see me hopping around. It’s amazing, the difference between how I get around, how I can stand and wash dishes because I’m rested at night. I’m not hurting any more. I lay in a position where my back does not hurt that much. I wish I had some money I could give all of my elder family one. Easy Rest is simply incredible.”

Betty C. from Virginia recommends the bed to anyone with back problems after she and her husband noticed a positive change:

“My husband and I were having back problems so we decided to purchase an Easy Rest bed. We have noticed a lot of changes. We sleep better and wake up feeling better. Our old bed of 10 years can’t compare at all with our new Easy Rest bed. We use the upright (raising the head of the bed) feature the most because my back hurts worse when I lie down real flat.”

Chana T. posted this message on Easy Rest’s Facebook Page:

“One of the reasons we bought the bed was for the “what if” scenarios. What if my back goes out, for instance. We (my wife and I) just got the new bed a few weeks ago and ironically, yesterday I did a stupid thing and threw out my back. Last time I did this I ended up at the chiropractor and was unable to get around for several days mostly because when I slept it let my back into bad positions. Well last night I slept adjusted way up on my back and legs and today I am UP and around!! I am 100% positive it’s because the bed let me sleep in the position that relieves pressure on the skeletal system. It’s just totally amazing. Anyone with back pain understands exactly what I am saying.”

These are just a few of the thousands of easy rest mattress reviews available online. You can read more by clicking here. To learn more about Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep Systems simply click on the “Request Information” button on the upper left hand side of this page to download our free color catalog and the Better Sleep Council’s Better Sleep Guide. Don’t wait, do it today. Your back will thank you.