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How Side Sleepers Can Find Sleep In An Adjustable Bed

We all have our favorite positions for sleep and a common misconception is that you can’t sleep on your side in an adjustable bed.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Sleeping on your side in an adjustable bed is easy and many adjustable bed owners enjoy sleeping on their side every night.

One reason people think that you can’t sleep on your side in an electric bed is because most companies only show photographs of people on their backs in order to best show how the bed cradles your body when adjusted.  But because we are the adjustable bed specialists we know that people can use adjustable beds in many ways and for many different reasons.

Side sleeping can easily be accomplished with the head of the bed raised to a position of comfort for each individual.  Depending on how high the head of the bed is raised sleeping on your side is best accomplished when you sleep with your knees slightly bent. Most people naturally do this when sleeping on their side anyway. Side sleepers can also find rest with the foot raised to a mild degree.

Easy Rest customers report that they enjoy both sleeping and relaxing on their sides to provide temporary relief to a variety of health issues.  Side sleepers who suffer from gastric reflux, nighttime heartburn or hiatal hernias may find temporary relief from their symptoms by sleeping with the head elevated.  Additionally, side sleepers may find temporary relief of minor aches and pains due to muscular fatigue or overexertion and they may find that light or occasional snoring may be reduced when sleeping in an upright position.

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