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U.S. Marine Sergeant Ryan Hughes, Virginia

Therapeutic Mattress Donation Helps Virginia Veteran Sleep Well At Night.

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Multiple injuries during three combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, and a bad motor vehicle accident while serving as a Marine Sentry Guard at the American Embassy in Romania, left U.S. Marine Sergeant Ryan Hughes with lifelong injuries that affected his ability to sleep at night. But the donation of a new adjustable bed from the premiere recliner beds manufacturer in the United States has changed the life of Sgt. Hughes. Thanks to Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep System’s Beds For Our Troops program he’s now sleeping longer and feeling better.

“Fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan left invisible scars and physical pain,” said Hughes. “Years of carrying heavy body armor and mission essential equipment caused me to have arthritis and neck problems. I suffered a traumatic brain injury in my car accident in Romania and now suffer from migraines, memory loss, vision problems and hearing issues, and my GERD issues worsened after the accident.”

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Prior to receiving his new bed Sgt. Hughes told Easy Rest “because of my back problems and arthritis I cannot get comfortable and fall asleep. Even if I do, I can’t stay asleep for long periods of time. I toss and turn and when I wake in the morning I am not rested. I get three hours of sleep if I’m lucky and sometimes I go a couple of days without sleep.”

Sgt. Hughes has been sleeping on his new bed for two months now and excitedly proclaimed, “I love it! I love everything about it! My old bed was terrible. I wound up on the couch most nights in pain. The Easy Rest bed is so much better. I love the massage feature. I turn it on and prop the head up and I feel like I’m floating,” he said happily.

“I love the dual system because I can set my side for how my body feels that day without bothering my wife. She sets her side to how she likes it and we each can sleep well. She loves the bed too,” he added.

“Another great thing about the bed is that it helps me get out of bed easier. I raise the head of the bed up to a sitting position and then slide my legs over the side. It helps me get to a standing position easier.”

When asked about how long he’s sleeping at night in his new adjustable bed Sgt. Hughes was thrilled to report that he’s getting quite a bit more sleep. “Before I was getting a maximum of three hours of sleep if I was lucky. Now, I’m sleeping almost seven hours before waking and sometimes I don’t even want to get out of bed because it’s so comfy.”

“Everyone at Easy Rest is wonderful to deal with and the delivery crew was great. They put my old bed in the basement and set up the new one quickly and efficiently. They took the time to teach me how to use the bed and make sure I understood everything. I am very grateful to everyone at Easy Rest.”

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Sgt. Hughes lives in Triangle, Virginia with his wife and young son. Since being transferred to Walter Reed Naval Military Medical Center he has started to enjoy kayaking and recombinant bicycling when able. He works as a volunteer for the Knights of Columbus and the Aleethia Foundation.