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One Entry Into Our Contest Is All it Took For Shirley Davis to Proclaim That The Easy Rest Win-A-Bed Sweepstakes Is Not a Free Bed Mail Scam.

Baltimore, MD – May 30, 2014 — Shirley Davis of Philadelphia, PA is the latest winner of a free adjustable bed in the Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep Systems Win-A-Bed sweepstakes and she states that she never thought it was a free bed mail scam. Davis was the April winner and accepted delivery of her new queen size adjustable bed in May.

“I have never won anything in my life,” said a very pleased Davis.  “I saw information on the free bed contest in an advertisement I received in the mail and thought it looked nice. I thought the massage feature might help me with the pains I have,” she recalled.

When asked if she ever considered that the contest might be a free bed mail scam she said, “No, I always thought it was legitimate.  And then when I received a phone call telling me I’d won I was very happy.  And then the documents came in the mail to prove it.  I was never worried that it was a free bed mail scam,” she said.

Now that she’s slept on the bed for a few weeks Davis reports that she loves the bed and she’s sleeping longer and better than she was prior to winning. “The bed is soft and comfortable.  I have back and shoulder pain and I get leg cramps at times.  So far the bed is helping with those issues.”  She was also pleased to report that she is getting a longer night’s sleep with fewer interruptions.  “I’m getting two extra hours of sleep at night on this bed.  When I wake up in the middle of the night I can go back to sleep easily,” she added.

Improved sleep and assistance with a variety of medical issues are usually the first things that people associate with sleeping in adjustable beds.  However, more Americans today are choosing to own them for the lifestyle benefits they provide.  Davis says that she enjoys crocheting in bed while watching television and is looking forward to being able to do those activities fully supported when she raises the head of the bed.

“This bed is very comfortable and it’s helped me with my sleeping,” said Davis.  “I would recommend it to anybody who asks.”

Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep Systems gives away one new Classic Model adjustable bed valued at more than $1,800 in a monthly sweepstakes contest.  Entry is free and no purchase is necessary to enter the contest.  As a matter of fact, a purchase will not increase your odds of winning. The sweepstakes is open to all U.S. residents over the age of 18.  To enter the contest simply fill out the form on the right and you might be our next lucky winner!