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Most Americans Don’t Seek Treatment For Low Back Pain – Adjustable Bed May Provide Temporary Relief

Are you walking around suffering from low back pain but determined to manage the symptoms on your own? You’re not alone.

Many of your fellow Americans are doing the same thing. Nearly two-thirds of Americans experience low back pain but 37 percent of them do not seek professional help for pain relief according to a recent survey by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). If you’re one of them we’ll tell you at the bottom of this article about how an adjustable bed from Easy Rest may be just the thing to include in your self-help arsenal.

“For Americans living with low back pain, everyday tasks can be a challenge, and this survey revealed just how much this condition can affect someone’s quality of life,” said APTA spokesperson Mary Ann Wilmarth, Chief of Physical Therapy at Harvard University in the survey’s press release.

According to the survey:

• More than one-third of adults say low back pain has affected their ability to engage in tasks of daily living (39 percent), exercise (38 percent), and sleep (37 percent).

• Low back pain isn’t just for those who spend a lot of time on their feet. In fact, more than half (54 percent) of Americans who experience low back pain spend the majority of their workday sitting.

• Men (31 percent) are more likely than women (20 percent) to report that low back pain affects their ability to do work.

• When experiencing low back pain, nearly three in four (72 percent) Americans use pain medication as a way to relieve their symptoms. More than half (55 percent) said they use heat and cold packs at home for relief.

Low back pain can have a vicious cycle. The pain can interrupt your sleep causing you to miss out on those all-important REM cycles when your body works on repairing and rejuvenating itself. You wake feeling tired and in more pain, and the next night the cycle continues. A few days of this cycle can have a real impact on your pain, mood and overall physical well-being.

Easy Rest has the best adjustable bed mattresses for back pain relief.

Our state-of-the-art mattress helps pain sufferers attain and sustain the deep restorative sleep necessary for recuperation. An Easy Rest adjustable bed offers a fully supportive mattress for your body and allows you to adjust to any position to help find a position that may temporarily minimize pain.

Doctors recommend back pain sufferers place a pillow under their knees and at the small of their back to alleviate symptoms. With an Easy Rest Bed you get the same support without the extra pillows. With the touch of a button on your remote control, you’ll find the perfect, pain-minimizing position to enjoy your favorite television show, a great novel or a restful night’s sleep.

For more information on Easy Rest’s line of best electric beds simply click on the orange “Request Information” button in the upper left corner of this page to download our free color catalog and the Better Sleep Council’s Better Sleep Guide. Don’t wait, do it today. Your back just might thank you.