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How Walking Relieves Low Back Pain

Relief from lower back pain can be as simple as starting a regular walking routine a new study suggests.  Doctors at Tel Aviv University published their findings in the journal Clinical Rehabilitation.

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The study included 52 sedentary patients with chronic pain in their lower backs.  Participants answered questionnaires to assess the degree of pain they experienced, their feelings of disability, walking endurance, muscle endurance and how often they avoided everyday activities.

Half of the participants were placed in a muscle-strengthening program typical of physical therapy clinics for six weeks and the other half were placed in a treadmill walking program. The results indicated that both groups had improved in all the factors the researchers had assessed.  The outcome proved that the walking treatment is as effective as traditional physical therapy programs.This new finding reaffirmed the results of two other recent studies.  In 2004, a study written up in The Spine Journal showed that a single session of an exercise such as walking can reduce low back pain 10 to 50 percent. And a 1993 study found that just 10 minutes of treadmill walking led to a significant reduction in back pain.

If you suffer from low back pain and are looking for other ways to relieve low back pain naturally you might want to consider an adjustable bed.  Sleeping in an adjustable bed may temporarily relieve low back pain by allowing you to find a position that puts the least amount of pressure on your lower back.  This in turn may help you find a better, longer nights sleep.