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St. Louis Woman Latest Winner of Easy Rest Adjustable Bed’s Win-A-Bed Sweepstakes

Jimmie Kathryn Oleksy of St. Louis is the latest winner of a free adjustable bed in the Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep Systems Win-A-Bed sweepstakes.  Ms. Oleksy was the February winner and accepted delivery of her new queen size adjustable bed on March 6, 2014.


“I have never won anything in my life,” said a very pleased Oleksy.  “I don’t even remember entering the contest,” she added.  “When I received the certified letter in the mail I didn’t believe it.  I thought it was some kind of a scam until they followed up with several phone calls.”

Upon first seeing her new bed set up in the bedroom Ms. Oleksy commented that she didn’t expect the mattress to be so pretty and soft.  “This is just so wonderful,” she said.  “Even though it’s here I still don’t believe it.  And I can’t believe how quickly they set it up.”

After sleeping on it for four nights the Oleksy’s both agree that they are enjoying the bed.  “Our old bed was so old I can’t even tell you when we bought it,” said Ms. Oleksy.  We are really enjoying this new bed, especially the firmness of the mattress.  It’s really nice and the adjustability feature is very neat,” she added.

Ms. Oleksy and her husband Gary, both 68 years old and retired, are in excellent health and stated that they don’t have any current medical issues that the bed might help.  However, they are both looking forward to watching television and reading in bed while enjoying the massage feature.

Easy Rest gives away one new Classic Model adjustable bed every month and you could be our next winner. Entry is free and no purchase is necessary to enter the contest.  A purchase will not increase your odds of winning either so what have you got to lose?  Fill out your sweepstakes entry today and you could be sleeping on a brand new adjustable bed for free just like Jimmie Kathryn Oleksy.