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Retired Nursing Assistant from South Carolina Latest Winner of Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep System’s Monthly Win-A-Bed Contest

Shirley McClary of Taylors, South Carolina is the latest winner of Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep System’s monthly Win-A-Bed contest. McClary, a retired Nursing Assistant, was the January 2017 winner of a free queen sized Classic model adjustable bed.

“I saw the pamphlet about the contest in Ebony Magazine and some of the cooking magazines I get,” McClary said. “Every time I saw it I entered the contest. I filled it out and entered it every month for two years. I’m here to tell you that persistence pays off,” she said happily.

McLary was interested in winning the bed because of some health issues. She had recent hip surgery and also suffers from poor circulation in her legs that causes them to swell. In addition, she has difficulty breathing and has coughing issues. “I thought that it would be good for me to be able to raise the head and feet to help me get in just the right position to feel better,” she explained.

A phone call from Easy Rest’s marketing department alerted her to her good fortune. “I got a phone message from a lady at the company and when I called her back she told me I had won the bed and I couldn’t believe it! I was so excited and happy. I’ve never won anything so big before,” she exclaimed. “It was such a surprise. For me to win something this big is unbelievable. My daughter didn’t believe it when she heard it. She thought I was being scammed, but I didn’t think that,” she added.

On the day of delivery McLary anxiously awaited the arrival of the Easy Rest truck. “The delivery guys were just fabulous. They were very fast and very good and they explained everything to me. I didn’t know the bed would have a massage function and I have to tell you that I really like that function.”

Now that she’s slept in the bed for a little while McClary is even happier than ever. “I’m able to sleep at night with fewer pillows and I breathe the way I’m supposed to when I raise the head up a little bit,” she explained. “On my old bed I would wake up many times during the night but now I can sleep all night long until the alarm clock goes off in the morning,” she exclaimed. “I thank Easy Rest very much for my new bed. I just love my bed, I really do!”

When asked if she would recommend the bed to others McLary said, “most definitely I would tell people to get one. The quality of the bed is very good. I wake refreshed and I have no aches and pains in the morning. I get up without any problem. I would absolutely recommend the bed to others. I just posted about it on Facebook and told everyone about the bed.”

“I would also tell people to keep entering the contest! I’m proof that the more you enter the more chances you have to be a winner,” she added gleefully.

Do you want to be like Shirley McLary and be our next winner of a free adjustable bed? You can be if you just take a moment to fill out the electronic submission form on the right. Each month we give away a new Classic model adjustable bed valued at $1,800 to a new winner. No purchase is necessary to enter. As a matter of fact, a purchase will not increase your chances of winning so go ahead, what’s stopping you? Enter today and you might be resting and sleeping better just like Shirley McLary!