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Adjustable Bed Winner Pleased to Learn Prize Was Not a Bed Scam

Geraldine Dodds of Cincinnati, Ohio is the latest winner in the Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep System’s monthly Win-A-Bed Sweepstakes.  “I’ve never won anything before in my life,” said a very pleased Dodds upon delivery.  “I got a phone call telling me I’d won an adjustable bed through the free bed lottery and I thought somebody was playing with me and that it was a free bed scam.  I’ve gotten scam calls before about free money and I thought this was just another scam call. Then I got all the paperwork in the mail and phone calls from the delivery department and I realized it was not a free bed scam – it was real,” she said happily.

Dodds learned of Easy Rest’s monthly free bed lottery sweepstakes contest through a mailing to her home.  “I got an advertisement at my house about the contest and I thought that it looked like a nice bed and decided to enter it, but I never expected to win one. I think I entered the contest six times,” she recalled.  During her delivery Dodds stated that she hoped the bed would help her with her sore back and swollen ankles as well as help her to get a better, more complete night of sleep. “I toss and turn at night and I get hot and cold flashes that keep me up at night.  Sometimes I only get four hours of sleep,” she said.

After sleeping on her new bed for one week Dodds was asked how her sleep and health have changed.  “I love the bed,” she said.  “I sleep a lot better and my back doesn’t hurt as much and my ankles are less swollen. I’m getting an extra couple of hours of sleep a night,” she stated.

Dodds is enjoying the lifestyle benefits of her new bed almost as much as the health benefits she has received.  “I really like putting my head and feet up and watching television in the bedroom.  My boyfriend Emmett won’t get out of it. He even eats all his meals in it.”  Dodds has 7 children and 14 grandchildren and said “I won’t let my kids or grandkids sit on the bed.  No sir!  I put chairs in my room for them to sit on.  I am thoroughly enjoying the bed and I’ve told all my friends and family to get one.”

You can be the next winner in monthly Win-A-Bed Sweepstakes by filling in the electronic submission form on the right.  Entering only takes a few moments and a purchase is not necessary. As a matter of fact, a purchase will not increase your chances of winning a free Classic model adjustable bed valued at more than $1,800.  So go ahead, what’s stopping you?

Geraldine Dodds happily found out that the contest was not a free bed scam and is now sleeping and feeling better every day.  Enter the contest and you might be saying the same thing very soon.