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  • At the touch of a button, an Easy Rest Bed adjusts into 1,001 relaxing positions to support your head, neck, shoulders, back, hips, thighs, legs and feet.
  • An Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep System comes with a soothing therapeutic massage feature – which may provide temporary relief from muscle pain caused by stress, tension, fatigue and overexertion.
  • The personal heat control in the Easy Rest Sleep System may provide temporary relief from mild arthritis, joint pain and muscle pain.
  • The Easy Rest Bed allows you to sleep in an upright position, which has been proven to reduce or ease light and occasional snoring.
  • With the innovative Easy Rest technology, you may also experience relief from the symptoms of nighttime heartburn, gastric reflux and hiatal hernia.
  • Together with the comforting heat, the gentle therapeutic massage feature may also offer relief from low back pain – as well as pain caused by swelling and poor blood circulation of the legs.


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