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If you wake up morning after morning feeling sore, and with neck or shoulder pain, Easy Rest would love to help you find a better night’s sleep. Health care professionals frequently recommend sleeping with your head and legs elevated for many different health conditions, and the Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep Systems is just what the doctor ordered.

Benefits of the Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep Systems:
  • Naturally support your body in 1001 comfort positions at the touch of a button
  • Full body support for watching your favorite shows, reading, and working while sitting upright
  • Therapeutic vibrating massage to ease the day’s stress and tension out of your muscles
  • Gentle heat may provide temporary relief for common health problems such as
  • Low back pain, minor aches and pains due to muscular fatigue and overexertion
  • Edema or swelling of the legs
  • Poor local blood circulation of the legs
  • Mild arthritis and joint pain
Our Customers Love Us!
“Easy Rest is Dynamite”
Easy Rest is dynamite – it’s awesome. I bought one of their beds because my husband and I have a lot of problems. I have back and neck problems, he snores a lot, and our feet have some swelling. Since we can raise our head and feet with the Easy Rest, there’s less swelling in our feet now. The bed also helps with my back and neck. And, the massage is just wonderful – it puts me off to sleep. In addition, their employees were excellent. They were very polite and fast with everything.
– Jeanette K.
“I’m sleeping all night”
I absolutely love the bed. We had another bed before for about 15 years and it was so agonizingly uncomfortable. I needed to get some rest. The sales person was very professional, friendly, and good at his job. At least 6 nights out of 7, I’m sleeping all night, which is amazing. It’s comfortable even if you’re laying flat. But then of course I do like it if I elevate the head or the foot a little bit. And I like the massage feature. We’re pleased.
– Judi W.