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First Woman Receives Donated Adjustable Bed Through Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep System’s ‘Beds For Our Troops’ Program.

Mary McGriff receives free adjustable bed

Prior to receiving her new adjustable bed USAF Captain Mary McGriff needed sleep medication to help her get even four hours of sleep.  Since receiving her donated adjustable bed she sleeps 9 to 10 straight and hasn’t had to take a single sleeping pill to achieve a full nights rest.

United States Air Force Captain Mary McGriff, of Spring Lake, North Carolina is the first woman to receive an adjustable bed through Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep System’s “Beds For Our Troops” program.  As a major component of the Company’s commitment to giving back to the community, Easy Rest created the “Beds For Our Troops” program to donate one Easy Rest adjustable bed per month to a wounded service member.

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Captain McGriff served in the Air Force at Balad Air Base, Iraq and Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar.  During those deployments she was exposed to multiple rocket and mortar attacks in addition to a car bomb explosion.  Other assignments such as filling sandbags to secure buildings and create bunkers as well as helping lift wounded soldiers in the hospital aggravated degenerating discs in her back as well as other spinal conditions she had.  She also suffers with breathing issues from inhaling environmental hazards.

“My injuries have caused many problems with my sleep,” stated McGriff.  “I suffered from constant aches and pains in my back and neck due to my injuries. In order to sleep I used to have to use an inhaler to help with my coughing fits and I used sleep medication regularly,” she added.

Now that she’s been sleeping in her new adjustable bed for a full month she’s become a new woman. She hasn’t used sleep medication since she received her adjustable bed and she says her cough is much quieter when she sleeps now. “Both my husband and I are sleeping better in our new adjustable bed,” she stated.  “Being able to sleep upright has really helped me.  I’ve gotten rid of all the pillows I used to use to prop up my head and legs and I’m sleeping a whole lot better.”

Prior to receiving her new adjustable bed Captain McGriff would sleep for about four hours at a time.  Now she reports that she’s sleeping for 9 or 10 hours straight.  “In my old bed I’d wake up after 4 hours and couldn’t fall back asleep.  Now, if I wake up I just adjust the bed to a different position to relieve my pain and I fall right back to sleep,” she said happily.  “And my husband is sleeping much better because I’m not waking him up by moving around and constantly adjusting pillows,” she added.

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Captain McGriff lives in Spring Lake, North Carolina with her husband and two teenaged children.  She is active in the Wounded Warrior Project’s Soldier Ride Program, a unique four-day cycling opportunity for Wounded Warriors to use cycling and the bonds of service to overcome physical, mental, or emotional wounds.