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Easy Rest Receives Diamond Certification for Excellent Customer Service with Few Easy Rest Bed Complaints

Baltimore, MD – June 23, 2014 – Preferred Credit, Inc., the largest finance company in the United States for the Direct Sales Industry has awarded Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep Systems, makers of the Easy Rest Adjustable Bed Brand, Diamond Certification based on volume, stellar customer service and the very low level of consumer complaints about Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep Systems

Preferred Credit, Inc.awarded Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep Systems, makers of the Easy Rest Adjustable Bed Brand, the Diamond Certification.
“We are very pleased to award the Easy Rest Adjustable Bed brand with the highest honor our Company can bestow – Diamond Certification,” said Greg Windfeldt, President of Preferred Credit, Inc. “Achieving Diamond certification is a very prestigious and difficult status to attain. Out of almost 1,000 companies that we do business with only five have achieved that level of distinction. The very low level of Easy Rest complaints and their responsiveness to every Easy Rest bed complaint is a key factor in being awarded this designation,” added Windfeldt.

Preferred Credit, Inc. (PCI) was founded in 1982 in Saint Cloud, Minnesota to provide financing to one of the most successful direct sales distributors in the world. The Company has grown exponentially over the years to provide financing assistance to consumers for products available from a large variety of direct sales companies across the United States.

“We are thrilled to be recognized for our excellent customer service and extremely small level of Easy Rest bed complaints,” said Jeffrey Mowrey, Chief Operating Officer for the Company. “We work very hard to achieve an Easy Rest complaint level as small as it is. We are thrilled to know that such a large percentage of all of our customers that work with Preferred Credit, Inc. are happy with our product and it’s wonderful to be acknowledged for being as customer focused as we are on a daily basis,” stated Mowrey.

“During our site visit with Easy Rest to review their sales and service operations, we came away very impressed with their interactions with every customer,” said Katie Manar, Director of Client Operations at PCI for the Easy Rest Adjustable Bed brand. “The number of times and the frequency with which every customer is interacted with is really unheard of within our industry. It’s no wonder that an Easy Rest Bed complaint is rarely received in our office,” added Manar. “And, when an Easy Rest complaint is received they are very responsive and handle the matter swiftly.”

Easy Rest is committed to providing excellent customer service to every customer and works hard to keep Easy Rest bed complaints to a minimum.

“There isn’t a company in existence that can please 100% of their customers all of the time,” said Mowrey, “but we try very hard to do that on a daily basis. We use ConsumerAffairs.com for Brands as a way of keeping the pulse on our Easy Rest bed complaints,” he explained. “Every month we give them a list of all customers from a prior month to call and survey about their experience with us. We have been pleased with the low level of Easy Rest complaints that they have received as well.”

Jeffrey Mowrey, Chief Operating Officer and Mo Maghari, National Sales Manager for the Company went to Preferred Credit’s headquarters on June 4th to receive the honor from Greg Windfeldt personally.

“It’s not often that you can find another company to partner with that truly understands your operation, holds the same values you do and recognizes you for excellence,” stated Mowrey. “We are honored to be recognized for our achievement and we look forward to a long partnership with Preferred,” he stated.