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Sleep Center

Educating yourself on the health risks caused by a lack of sleep and the positive benefits of quality sleep should be a priority for managing your health. The following articles will provide you with up to date information on important sleep news, facts and statistics.  You’ll also find tips and suggestions on improving the quality and quantity of your sleep in this section.  Be sure to check back frequently for updated information from Easy Rest.

Tips to Get Better Sleep

Having trouble getting a good nights sleep?  You’re not alone — one in four Americans report trouble sleeping regularly.  If you’re one of them follow these 8 tips to help you get a better, longer night’s sleep tonight.

Seven Hours of Sleep Declared Necessary for Optimal Health by Sleep Experts

Sometimes good science does nothing more than reinforce what we already knew. According to a recent article in Forbes Magazine by Todd Essig, that seems to be the case with sleep. Essig states that according to 5,314 peer-reviewed articles “grandma was right: You gotta get at least seven hours of sleep a night.”

12 Fascinating Facts About Dreams

The average person experiences three to five dreams a night and they can last for a few seconds or as long as 30 minutes. They can be funny, fascinating, scary, sensual or downright odd. And the most frustrating thing about dreams is the memory of them vanishes almost immediately after waking.

Stop Snoring Naturally with an Adjustable Bed

Almost everyone snores occasionally, but if you regularly snore at night it can disrupt the quality of your sleep – and the quantity of your partner’s sleep as well. Fortunately, a sleep solution from Easy Rest and small changes in your sleep habits may help you reduce or ease light and occasional snoring. Want to learn how to reduce snoring during sleep? Keep reading below.