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"We purchased three beds from Easy Rest. We bought one for ourselves to replace our 20 year-old bed. We usually use its head and foot raise features. We are very pleased with them. We called them back and bought one for our son and another one for our daughter as Christmas presents. They’re very pleased with theirs too. It was all good." - Bonnie of Fairmont, WV

"I almost didn’t buy the bed! Thank you….I have never slept so well. And the discolored skin around my feet and toes has gone away – the result of better circulation because I can sleep with my feet slightly elevated. I bought the Premiere model. The latex mattress is worth the full price of the bed. The massage system was, for me, an extra…until I used it. It’s great for relaxation. Now, two months later it was the best personal care investment I ever made!"


"My husband was in an accident eight years ago and he has neck problems so a bed that would be going up and down would be easier for him so we got an Easy Rest bed. The vibrator is our favorite feature. The Easy Rest people were all good. They are very friendly and they helped me a lot. They put the old mattress out in the backroom, so I did not have any problems with any of them." - Constance of Allegan, MI

Adjustable Bed Key Features

The Easy Rest Adjustable Bed product line offers our customers the finest and most advanced adjustable beds on the market today.

Our sleep system has been engineered from top to bottom, inside and out, to create the finest, cutting edge product for consumers who expect nothing but the best. Our mission is to help them achieve a quality night’s sleep, improve their intimate experiences and enjoy comfort any time of day.

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Our Mattresses

We have researched and tested countless types and styles of mattresses on bodies of all sizes and weights. This research allowed us to create a revolutionary new replaceable pillow top mattress that allows you to choose the comfort and feel of your mattress. If your preferences change over time there’s no need to buy a new mattress – simply change out the custom insert.


  • Our mattress gives you the long-term support benefits of an innerspring mattress, with all the comfort and advantages of a pillow top model.
  • The insert of your mattress can be as soft or firm as you desire.
  • Partners who have a dual bed system can each choose their own insert for personalized comfort. No more compromising your comfort for your partner’s benefit.
  • Advanced manufacturing technology prevents interior mattress components from shifting and interfering with one another during the thousands of flexes an Easy Rest mattress goes through during a lifetime of use. This helps to extend the life of your mattress.
  • Custom technology allows the rejuvenating waves created by the therapeutic massage motors on your bed to reverberate evenly across your mattress, turning it into a unique therapeutic massage mattress.
  • Our optional heat feature allows you to warm up the mattress on a cold winter’s night or soothe aching muscles and joints any time of year.
  • Our 20-year pro-rated mattress warranty is one of the best in the industry.

Our Base

Easy Rest Adjustable Bases are made in a modern, state-of-the-art plant using advanced manufacturing techniques. The same expensive parts and manufacturing technology, quality control and care used to manufacture adjustable hospital beds and dental chairs are used in the construction of Easy Rest orthopedic beds.

  • Exclusive Whisper Power™ lift motors raise and lower the head and foot of your bed quietly, smoothly, reliably and virtually maintenance-free for the life of the bed. These motors come with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Popular Wall Hugger feature gently glides the base toward the wall, allowing full access to your nightstand and lights.
  • Wireless hand controls have simple, easy-to-understand buttons that are backlit to make it easy to see in low light and dark environments. Remotes have memory features to save your favorite positions and adjust to each with one touch.
  • Durable carbon steel frame is recessed for safety and powder coated in non-toxic, lead-free enamel paint to protect it from rust and corrosion.
  • Electrical components are carefully assembled and rigorously tested for long life, reliability and safety.
  • Attractive industrial strength casters allow you to lock your bed into place. You can easily unlock the casters to rearrange furniture or clean under the bed.

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A Great Night of Sleep Makes A Huge Difference!

All of Easy Rest's beds are made out of handcrafted, quality materials. Plus, Easy Rest offers an easy selection of four models – to fit your budget and your unique needs.
Platinum Model Adjustable Bed Platinum Model Adjustable Bed
  • Exclusive Whisper Power™ lift motors
  • Choice of two luxury mattress inserts
  • Wall hugger feature
  • 3 Personally Programable Memory Positions and 1 Preset Flat Position
  • Variable speed therapeutic massage
  • Click here to learn more about the Platinum Model Adjustable Bed
Premier Model Power Bed Premier Model Power Bed
  • Exclusive Whisper Power™ lift motors
  • Choice of three premium mattress inserts
  • Variable speed therapeutic massage
  • 2 Personally Programable Memory Positions and 1 Preset Flat Position
  • Click here to learn more about the Premier Model Power Bed
Harmony Model Adjustable Bed Harmony Model Adjustable Bed
  • Exclusive Whisper Power™ lift motors
  • Split Top for independent adjustability while retaining closeness
  • Variable Speed therapeutic massage
  • 2 Personally Programable Memory Positions and 1 Preset Flat Position
  • Click here to learn more about the Harmony Model Adjustable Bed
Classic Model Electric Therapeutic Bed Classic Model Electric Therapeutic Bed
  • Standard lift motors
  • Medium-firm mattress
  • Wired hand control
  • Two-speed therapeutic massage
  • Click here to learn more about the Classic Model Electric Therapeutic Bed
Economy Model Electric Bed Economy Model Electric Bed
  • Standard lift motors
  • Wired electronic hand control
  • Fits any frame
  • Click here to learn more about the Economy Model Electric Bed
Do you have any of the following chronic health conditions?
Back pain and discomfort
Muscular fatigue
Gastric reflux
Do you like to do any of the following activities in bed?
Watch television
Read a book
Talk on the phone
Have breakfast in bed
What’s your current bed like?
My mattress is flat, lumpy and uncomfortable
I can’t do much, except lie flat and sleep
It’s been over 10 years since I purchased a new bed
I can never find a comfortable position
What interests you most in an adjustable bed?
A therapeutic massage setting
A plush mattress insert
The ability to adjust positions
A wireless remote

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Based on your answers, an Adjustable Sleep System from Easy Rest is right for you.

Our adjustable beds allow you to effortlessly adjust the mattress to the perfect position; helping to relieve the pressure and stress that builds in your neck, shoulders, back, hips, knees and ankles. And aside from sleeping, you’ll be surprised how quickly your Easy Rest Adjustable Bed will become your “go-to” place to relax, allowing you to watch television, read, chat on the phone or even have breakfast in bed. So, why not revolutionize the way you sleep and live with an Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep System.