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"I'm 78 years old, not in very good health. I have asthma so I cannot lay flat. I have to have a bed - I used to pile up pillows and so now I have a bed that can raise me up so I can breathe better which is the Easy Rest bed. I didn't have any problem with their sales rep. The delivery people were really quick. They brought it in and set it up and showed me. It didn't take them very long at all. I would recommend them and I'm glad I did it." - Janice of Tucson, AZ

"We purchased three beds from Easy Rest. We bought one for ourselves to replace our 20 year-old bed. We usually use its head and foot raise features. We are very pleased with them. We called them back and bought one for our son and another one for our daughter as Christmas presents. They’re very pleased with theirs too. It was all good." - Bonnie of Fairmont, WV

"I purchase an Easy Rest Bed for health reasons and it has helped so far. Every feature has been official. We just simply get in it. The sales rep told us the absolute true information about the product so it was a good experience. I wish everyone can afford an Easy Rest bed." - Lee of Buffalo, NY

Therapeutic Benefits of Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds provide therapeutic positional comfort for a variety of health and wellness needs.

Adjustable Beds provide many therapeutic benefits to individuals who take advantage of the countless positions and options available with an Easy Rest Adjustable Bed.  Medical professionals routinely recommend that patients sleep with the head or legs elevated for a variety of conditions. If you’re interested in a holistic approach to healing you should consider the therapeutic benefits of sleeping in an adjustable bed.

Temporary relief from hiatus hernia and acid reflux symptoms.

Do you wake up at night with a painful burning sensation in your throat?  Do you find yourself suffering from an unexplained hoarseness, dry cough or sore throat during the day?  Do you have trouble swallowing food?  These are all signs that you might be suffering from acid reflux or a hiatal hernia.  These symptoms occur because acid from the stomach backs up into the esophagus.

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Doctors recommend that if you suffer from reflux you should sleep with your head elevated.  If you’re sleeping on an angle, gravity helps keep food in the stomach.  Conversely, if you lose the gravity, as you do when you’re lying flat, you’re more prone to reflux.  An adjustable bed makes it much easier to find a therapeutic position that may help you find temporary relief from your symptoms.

Lower back pain relief is one of the most common search terms for a reason.

According to the American Chiropractic Association half of all American’s admit to having back pain symptoms each year and back pain is the most common reason for people to miss work. Most cases of back pain are not caused by a serious medical condition but are the result of a mechanical or non-organic issue.

Trying to find sleep when your back is aching can be difficult.  Adjusting the head or foot of an adjustable bed can help you find a position that may help to temporarily relieve your low back pain symptoms. Additionally, an adjustable bed can help you get in and out of bed easier when your back is hurting. Raising the head of the bed to its full height lets the bed do all of the work to gently get you to a full sitting position.  Once upright you only have to swing your legs to the side to get out of bed.  The sequence can be reversed for an easier entry into bed.

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Edema symptom relief may be as simple as putting your feet up.

Edema means swelling caused by fluid in your body’s tissues. In most cases it occurs in the feet, ankles and legs.  The most common recommendation medical professionals make is to raise your legs to allow the fluid to circulate out of the legs and into the rest of your body.


Resting or sleeping in an adjustable bed makes it easy to raise your legs and find a therapeutic position that might temporarily relieve your painful symptoms or reduce the unattractive look of swollen legs and ankles.


Better sleep provides therapeutic benefits for your mental health.

Raising the head or foot of the bed can make a therapeutic difference in some of the most common ailments that keep you up at night. Getting a good night’s sleep also helps raise your spirits, helps increase your energy and helps you to focus better during your waking hours. Increased energy levels allow you to be more active during the day — allowing you to create a positive new cycle in your health.

These examples are just a few of the many therapeutic benefits you can achieve with an Easy Rest adjustable bed. Interested in learning more about better sleep? Fill out the form to the right to download a free copy of the Better Sleep Guide.

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    All of Easy Rest's beds are made out of handcrafted, quality materials. Plus, Easy Rest offers an easy selection of four models – to fit your budget and your unique needs.
    Platinum Model Adjustable Bed Platinum Model Adjustable Bed
    • Exclusive Whisper Power™ lift motors
    • Choice of two luxury mattress inserts
    • Wall hugger feature
    • 3 Personally Programable Memory Positions and 1 Preset Flat Position
    • Variable speed therapeutic massage
    • Click here to learn more about the Platinum Model Adjustable Bed
    Premier Model Power Bed Premier Model Power Bed
    • Exclusive Whisper Power™ lift motors
    • Choice of three premium mattress inserts
    • Variable speed therapeutic massage
    • 2 Personally Programable Memory Positions and 1 Preset Flat Position
    • Click here to learn more about the Premier Model Power Bed
    Harmony Model Adjustable Bed Harmony Model Adjustable Bed
    • Exclusive Whisper Power™ lift motors
    • Split Top for independent adjustability while retaining closeness
    • Variable Speed therapeutic massage
    • 2 Personally Programable Memory Positions and 1 Preset Flat Position
    • Click here to learn more about the Harmony Model Adjustable Bed
    Classic Model Electric Therapeutic Bed Classic Model Electric Therapeutic Bed
    • Standard lift motors
    • Medium-firm mattress
    • Wired hand control
    • Two-speed therapeutic massage
    • Click here to learn more about the Classic Model Electric Therapeutic Bed
    Economy Model Electric Bed Economy Model Electric Bed
    • Standard lift motors
    • Wired electronic hand control
    • Fits any frame
    • Click here to learn more about the Economy Model Electric Bed
    Do you have any of the following chronic health conditions?
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    Have breakfast in bed
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    I can’t do much, except lie flat and sleep
    It’s been over 10 years since I purchased a new bed
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    A therapeutic massage setting
    A plush mattress insert
    The ability to adjust positions
    A wireless remote

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