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Accessories Catalog 2022

Easy Rest wants to invite you to enjoy browsing through our Accessories Catalog with quality bedding products that my help with your sleep experience.

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Work From Home Phone Agent

As a Work From Home Call Center Associate with Easy Rest, you will be following up with consumers who have requested information on our product to set appointments for personal presentations with our Sleep Specialists. Our Remote Call Center Associates are the first point of contact with potential customers and they create the first impression of our brand with consumers.   Excellent phone skills and manners are a necessity for any candidate.

Easy Rest is a well-established, growing, national organization that proudly stands behind an exceptional product that is made in the USA. This job may be for you if you want to work from home representing a product that will improve your customer’s lives by improving their sleep.  Ideal candidates enjoy working in a performance-driven environment where you can be rewarded for delivering results.

This is an excellent opportunity for people with an outgoing and persuasive personality. We are looking for well spoken individuals who can commit to a minimum of 25 – 40 hours a week in shifts from 3 – 8 hours long.

The right candidate will bring a diverse skill set, take pride and dedication in their work and be customer focused.  


The ideal candidate must:

  • Have a personal computer or laptop with webcam
  • Have reliable high-speed internet service
  • A secure, quiet distraction free work environment
  • Be professional, articulate and confident
  • Have strong attention to detail
  • Have exceptional written and verbal communication skills
  • Be able to maintain proper script etiquette
  • Be familiar with basic computer programs and able to enter data quickly

If you meet the above qualifications and are energetic and a quick learner, we want to hear from you!  Fill out the information on the box to the right to be contacted about this position.

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Easy Rest Adjustable Bed Company Helps Raise $10,000 for Make-A-Wish Foundation

Two children facing life threatening diseases will have their wishes come true thanks to Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep System’s employees, associates and friends. On Friday, October 14, 2012 over 100 golfers and diners came out to support Chad Blum Memorial Charity, Inc.’s mission to brighten the lives of sick children.

Easy Rest distributors, business partners and employees traveled to Mount Airy, Maryland for the golf tournament from around the region and from locations across the country for the annual event. Golfers enjoyed a beautiful day on the golf course, a silent auction and live raffle as well as an all-you-can eat Maryland Crab Feast. During the dinner Steven Mowrey, President of Chad Blum Memorial Charities, presented a check for $10,000 to representatives of Make-A-Wish of the Mid-Atlantic.

Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep System has a long-standing relationship with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Over the past twelve years the founders have supported the annual golf tournament to benefit the Mid-Atlantic chapter. Their efforts have raised over $170,000 to date. All proceeds are donated directly to the Make-A-Wish Foundation through Chad Blum Memorial Charities, Inc. to help grant wishes to children fighting life threatening medical conditions.

Easy Rest Employees Collect Food and Funds for Local Food Banks

Easy Rest employees across the country participated in a food drive during the month of November to benefit food banks in their areas. Over 1,100 non-perishable items were collected and delivered to four separate food banks. Our four regional offices delivered almost 900 pounds of food to help feed hungry families for the holiday.

Pictured below are just a few of the many employees who helped make our food and funds drive a success.

Members of the Baltimore, Maryland office donated almost 610 pounds of food to the Maryland Food Bank.

Employees of the St. Paul, Minnesota office donated 160 pounds of food to the Second Harvest Heartland Food Bank.

Bristol, Pennsylvania employees donated 130 pounds to the Penndel Food Bank.

Not Pictured: The Tampa, Florida office donated one dollar for every bed sold in the month of November to theMetropolitan Ministries Food Bank.

Adjustable Bed Employees Support Feeding Children Everywhere Program

Easy Rest Employees Help Assemble Hundreds of Meals for Hungry South Florida Children

On August 26, 2012 members of Easy Rest’s Florida Office participated in a special meal packing event with the nonprofit charity Feeding Children Everywhere, a social charity that empowers and mobilizes people to assemble healthy meals for hungry children. “I was driving in my car and heard the radio announcer talking about this charity and the need they had for people to come out and help pack meals for hungry children in South Florida,” said Easy Rest distributor Robin Newman. “It sounded to me like a wonderful way to get involved and give back to the local community.”

Robin went into the office and encouraged others to join her at the event and received an enthusiastic response. Two weeks later, a team of Easy Rest employees joined hundreds of other volunteers to make thousands of meals for hungry children in the area.

See also: Easy Rest Employees Collect Food and Funds for Local Food Banks

“We were very impressed by the organization and efficiency of the meal assembly program,” said Robin. “We were very tired after having worked so long in the heat but we felt very good about what we had accomplished at the end of the day.”

For every one dollar received, Feeding Children Everywhere’s Love Local program packages and delivers four healthy meals to hungry children in local schools. The children take the meals home to their families to be cooked. The meal is simple, healthy and delicious. The main components are lentils, rice, a blend of six dehydrated vegetables and pink Himalayan salt. These ingredients represent an easily digestible source of protein, necessary carbohydrates, vitamins such as Vitamin A, B6, C, D, E, Folic Acid, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Zinc and over 84 trace minerals plus amino acids. The meal is scientifically formulated to help combat the effects of hunger on the human body. All that is necessary to cook the meal is adding boiling water.

Click here for information on how you can help Feeding Children Everywhere in your community.

Easy Rest Donates Adjustable Bed to Help Severely Injured Truck Driver Rest and Sleep Better

Baltimore, MD – June 2, 2015 –A Bakersfield, California man who was badly injured and burned in a truck accident 18 months ago is sleeping better and experiencing less pain thanks to the donation of an adjustable bed from Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep System. Dixon’s plight came to the attention of the company though a story on NBC4 Las Angeles that highlighted the battle he was having trying to get an adjustable bed that his doctor’s ordered paid for by his worker’s compensation insurance.

Dixon received his bed three weeks ago and is singing its praises. “Oh my goodness, I’m getting great sleep now,” he said. “I’m sleeping straight though the night and if I do wake up I just adjust the bed and I fall back to sleep. The bed helps me keep the pain at bay because I can adjust the head or foot to relieve the pressure on the painful area. It’s wonderful!” he exclaimed.

Dixon says his life, and specifically his nights, have been excruciating since he survived a fiery crash on the 710 Freeway in South Los Angeles in October 2013. The fuel truck he was driving hit debris and jackknifed, leaving the cab dangling off an overpass 100 feet in the air. When the wreck burst into flames, Dixon was forced to jump 70 feet to the pavement below, leaving him with devastating injuries and burns on over 60 percent of his body.

“In addition to the burns I had a fractured pelvis, fractured sacrum, a broken back, multiple organ damage and kidney failure,” Dixon said. He was placed in a medically induced coma for three months and spent the next year in the hospital and a rehabilitation facility. Since getting home from the hospital he’s been battling his insurance company for an adjustable bed that his doctor’s told him he needed.

“When we saw Donovan’s story we felt horrible for him. He has suffered so much and he continues to suffer every day because of the pain he experiences,” said Ann Mowrey, Public Relations Director for Easy Rest. “When you’re in that much pain it’s hard to sleep and studies have shown that lack of sleep can intensify pain levels. We knew that we could help him get a better night’s sleep and let his body start to rejuvenate during those all important sleeping hours,” she added.

“I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have pain in my feet. Being able to raise my feet has really helped me reduce my pain and therefore I can walk a little bit easier, which is wonderful,” stated Dixon. The bed is magnificent and I still have a big cheesy grin every time I get into bed. I look forward to going to bed now and I haven’t been able to do that for a very long time. I can’t thank everyone at Easy Rest enough for this wonderful gift,” Dixon remarked sincerely.

Community Giving

Our Distributors and Employees embrace our giving backphilosophy throughout the year by supporting nationwide events organized through our corporate office and through individual efforts on the local level.

Our employees make a difference in their local communities every day. They volunteer and participate in a wide variety of charitable activities and we support their activities on many levels.

Click on any tab on the left to read about some of the many ways that we are involved in our local communities.

Adjustable Bed Donation Helps South Carolina Veteran Sleep Through The Night

Adjustable Bed Donation Helps South Carolina Veteran Sleep Through The Night.

When CWO Pcola learned that he would be receiving a new adjustable bed from Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep System he was pretty sure he would start sleeping better. What surprised him was how much he would enjoy and benefit from the beds many features.

April 19, 2012 – Baltimore, MD — Chief Warrant Officer Jeff Pcola of Seneca, South Carolina had gotten used to getting by on only two to three hours of sleep at a time before waking up in pain from injuries he sustained in the Iraq war. But since receiving a brand new adjustable bed from Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep System, he’s now getting a full eight hours of sleep each night.

“This bed is very comfortable,” commented CWO Pcola. “I have a lot of scar tissue and nerve damage from my injuries and I’m able to sleep through the night now. When I wake up in pain all I do is adjust the bed to a new position that takes the pressure off of the painful area and I fall right back to sleep.”

CWO Pcola was injured in a combat operation near Alkut, Iraq when his vehicle was hit with a rocket-propelled grenade. He was thrown from the vehicle with such force that he suffered a broken neck, spine, dislocated hip and massive internal injuries. CWO Pcola spent many months in the hospital, endured countless surgeries, and now lives with titanium plates, screws and rods in his neck and spine. As a result of the severe trauma to his spinal column he now suffers from Reflex’s Sympathetic Dystrophy, a nerve disorder that causes pain dramatically disproportionate to the injury.

Due to his many injuries, CWO Pcola can’t rest or sleep in a flat position and in the past he’s had to prop himself up with pillows in order to be comfortable. Since receiving his new electric bed, he’s able to easily adjust the head and foot of his bed to quickly find comfort while watching television, reading or sleeping.

“Before, I was sleeping on a foam mattress and I couldn’t really sleep much at all. Maybe two to three hours and then I was up again. Now, I’m sleeping through the night and I stay nice and cool and I don’t get hot like I did with my old mattress,” said Pcola. “I didn’t think I would like the massage feature, but I’ll tell you what, it really helps me fall asleep. I use it a lot,” he added.

CWO Pcola received his bed through Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep System’s Beds For Our Troops program. “We are very proud and happy to be able to help Chief Warrant Officer Pcola and other veterans achieve a good night’s sleep with an Easy Rest Adjustable Bed,” said Jeff Mowrey, Chief Operating Officer for the company. “That’s why we started the Beds For Our Troops program. These men and women have given so much to our country and it’s the least we can do to thank them for their sacrifice.”

CWO Pcola lives with his wife and has two children. His son is an active duty Marine and his daughter is in college studying nursing. He’s starting to learn how to play the banjo and looks forward to mastering the instrument over the next few years. “I enjoy playing the banjo and it helps to keep my mind working,” he said. He also enjoys fishing when he feels well enough to get out. Now that he’s sleeping so much better he’s hoping he will feel up to pulling his fishing rod out a little more often.

Adjustable Bed Donation Helps Kansas Veteran Enjoy Longer Sleep And Better Rest

Adjustable Bed Donation Helps Kansas Veteran Enjoy Longer Sleep And Better Rest.

It’s been a long time since retired Corporal Harold Hacker has had a good night’s sleep due to injuries he sustained while on active duty with the Army National Guard. Cpl. Hacker received an adjustable bed through Easy Rest’s Beds For Our Troops program and is reporting that he’s sleeping much longer, and waking better rested, thanks to his new bed.“Before getting my new adjustable bed I used to have to take four to five breaks a day as well as a nap,” stated Cpl. Hacker. “I’m going non-stop now. I’m studying to be a Veterinary Technician and I can focus much better now that I’m sleeping better.”Cpl. Hacker was injured when his Army National Guard unit was called up to support active duty personnel during the Cuban Refugee Crisis in the early 1980’s. He was on duty at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas early one morning in August of 1982 assisting with preparations for his unit to be demobilized when, in a horrific accident, he was run over by a five-ton truck pulling a trailer. “I was knocked down and run over by this big equipment. It ran me over from my left foot all the way to my right shoulder and face,” recalled Cpl. Hacker.

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Cpl. Hacker suffered multiple injuries that were life altering. Since his accident he has suffered from many different medical conditions and ailments and has many issues with his back. He’s had a pain stimulator implanted in his back that helps him with pain management but according to Cpl. Hacker can cause discomfort when lying down because he can physically feel the stimulator and wires. Cpl. Hacker had been sleeping on a reclining couch attempting to get a few hours of sleep before waking with an aching back and headaches.

Since receiving his new Easy Rest Adjustable Bed he and his wife have been able to sleep in the same bedroom again for the first time in years. “I slept downstairs on the couch for 12 years and now I’m always sleeping next to her. It brings your relationship back,” he stated happily.

“This bed has been a blessing to me,” he continued. “My legs don’t hurt me anymore at night and I don’t have to put pillows under my knees. The massage feels beautiful and I lie there and say aahhh! My wife had to quit her job to take care of me and I feel bad sometimes because she is not living her dream anymore. This bed has been a nice treat for her, too.”

Cpl. Hacker lives in Kansas with his wife and enjoys fishing and hunting when he’s able. He is a volunteer in his church and at the local nursing home where he enjoys visiting residents with his French Bulldogs.