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Adjustable Beds Helpful for Every Age and Stage of Life

It’s official. I’ve just entered the age demographic that people used to associate with adjustable beds. I recently turned 50 and got my AARP card in the mail and soon after received my first issue of their magazine. As I was reading the back of the magazine I saw ads for several competitors proclaiming they had the best electric beds for AARP readers.

I’ll dispute those claims for you a little farther down this article but keep reading to see why I’m the biggest believer in adjustable beds for every age and every stage of life.

The same week I got my AARP magazine I was perusing Craigslist for cheap furniture for my daughter’s college apartment and came across a listing for an adjustable bed with remote control no longer needed by somebody’s grandparents. My first thought at seeing that listing was “how sad.” The fact that it was being sold meant that those grandparents were probably no longer around. My second thought was “why on earth doesn’t somebody in the family take it and just purchase a new adjustable bed mattress for the probably perfectly functional adjustable base?”

Full disclosure. I’ve been associated with the bed business for a very long time. When I was 24 years old my husband took a job selling adjustable beds and adjustable bed mattresses. He was so good at his job that soon he’d earned one of his own. Despite the fact that we were newlyweds and I didn’t want “a bed for seniors” we moved our perfectly fine bed into the guest room and soon I was grudgingly sleeping on our new adjustable bedwith all its fancy bells and whistles.

Tentative First Nights On A Sleep Easy Mattress

At first we just slept on it like any other flat bed. After all, we’d been sleeping that way all our lives and we were young and didn’t have any health issues. But eventually one of us caught a cold and gave it to the other. And since we had the bed, instead of propping up with multiple pillows throughout the night, we just pushed the button on the remote control to raise the head enough to find comfort and temporary relief from our misery. Once I was back to my normal self I looked back at that lousy week and thought, “okay, that bed came in handy.”

After that, from time to time I’d find myself using the beds features a little more frequently. I’d get into a good book and climb into bed and adjust the head and foot to just the right position to continue reading comfortably without getting a crick in my neck. Or, on a cold winter’s night, we’d climb into bed with a VHS movie (remember those?) we’d rented from Blockbuster Video, turn on the heat unit and cuddle together while eating popcorn and watching the latest movie in a perfectly adjusted position.

When I overdid it working in the yard I’d lie on the bed and turn on the massage feature to help temporarily ease my aches and pains. Slowly I was coming around to this new bed but I didn’t tell many people about it. I was still embarrassed that we were so young and sleeping on what I considered an adjustable bed for seniors. That would soon change.

Pregnancy and Sleep Difficult Without An Adjustable Bed

Four years after getting married and three years after getting our electric bed I became pregnant. I was excited and thrilled and totally unaware of how drastically different my nights would soon become. It wasn’t long before I developed a pain right in the middle of my chest, which soon turned into a constant burn every time I lay down in bed.

Heartburn plagues most moms-to-be at some point because progesterone, the hormone that relaxes muscles in pregnancy, also relaxes the stomach valve that keeps acid out of the esophagus. In addition, the growing uterus crowds the stomach, forcing acid into the esophagus. I spent every night of my last five months of pregnancy with the head of my bed raised to help prevent nighttime heartburn.

Additionally, in the last few months of my pregnancy my legs would swell up like balloons. I was mortified by how swollen my ankles would get after a day on my feet. It quickly became a habit to come home from work and go straight to my bed to spend 30 minutes with my legs raised to help my circulation.

I was no longer embarrassed about our adjustable bed. In fact, I was busy telling all of my friends how my adjustable bed mattress was saving my sleep and my sanity.

Life Happens More Comfortably When You Sleep on an Adjustable Bed

Our son arrived and soon our bed played a featured role in our day-to-day family life. Feeding him supported by the raised head and foot of the bed was more comfortable. Soon another pregnancy and a daughter was being comfortably fed in the bed with me. Family movie nights and bedtime stories all occurred in the roomy comfort of our adjustable bed. It was the kid’s favorite place to relax and snuggle with Mom or Dad.

Life happens and other problems popped up. Everyday illnesses from colds and flu were made a little easier with the help of our electric bed. Both my husband and I needed surgery – bunion for me and hernia for him. Both were easier to recuperate from because we had our adjustable bed. Add the occasional bad back problem as the years piled on, as well as everyday muscle aches, pains and strains and the bed was getting a lot of use.

In my 40’s I developed a hiatal hernia and my nighttime heartburn and gastric reflux were causing me quite a bit of trouble. But thankfully I had a secret weapon at my disposal and my adjustable bed became known as my acid reflux bed. I slept with the head raised nightly to provide temporary relief from my painful symptoms and I sang my beds praises to everyone who would listen.

And now, here I am entering my 50’s and wondering what other issues I’ll be facing in the years to come but secure in knowing that I’ll be able to handle them much easier with my trusted adjustable bed.

You Can Rest Easy With an Easy Rest Adjustable Bed

Now that you know how an adjustable bed can help you every day of every decade it’s time to consider who you should trust to get that perfect night’s sleep. Easy Rest is the best provider of adjustable beds in the United States today and here are seven reasons why you should choose Easy Rest for your adjustable bed purchase.

  • Singular Focus.  We eat, sleep and breathe adjustable beds. We make the best adjustable bed available in the United States using the highest quality parts and motors. By focusing on only one product, everyone from the CEO down to the entry-level receptionist works tirelessly to provide you with a product that can’t be matched anywhere else.
  • Personalized Service. The mattress business can be confusing and difficult to understand. By coming to you, we save you the time, energy and expense of driving from store to store in an attempt to find the right bed for your needs.
  • Product & Sleep Education. Our sleep specialists are carefully selected and trained to provide you with the most up-to-date information on the many different mattress types available today. They can explain how each type of mattress is constructed and how that translates into the proper comfort and support for you. They are also very knowledgeable about specific health issues and how they can affect your sleep.
  • Easy to Move, Easy to Change, and Blends In With Any Décor. An Easy Rest Adjustable Bed easily attaches to any head and/or footboard. Easy-roll casters make it simple to move, and raising the head and foot of the bed to maximum height make cleaning and vacuuming underneath the bed a breeze.
  • Made In America. We have made a conscious decision to resist the opportunity to ship our production and assembly work to factories overseas. While that may hurt our profit margins, we believe strongly in keeping manufacturing jobs on American soil. We are very proud to say that we are an adjustable bed manufacturer whose beds are made and assembled in America, providing jobs to hundreds of hard working Americans.
  • Peace of Mind Service Guarantee. We stand behind our product and our customers. After you take delivery, our friendly Customer Support specialists are available to answer any product questions or concerns you have. We guarantee in-home service by our professionally trained and certified technicians should you ever need it.

  • Customer First Approach. Almost all companies claim to put the customer first but when you read online reviews you see that is frequently not true. At Easy Rest we urge you to check our reviews online and see for yourself why so many praise our employees as “caring,” “thorough” and “helpful.”

Now that you know how an adjustable bed can help you at every age and every stage of life click on the orange Request Information button on the upper left corner of this page to download the Better Sleep Guide and Full Color Catalog from Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep Systems. You’ll be glad you did!